Modern Clarinets

Definitions of what is a "modern" instrument and what is being played can be very, very subjective and subject to bias for a given type of cultural heritage or music.

To hopefully avoid any such problems and in an attempt to relfect what is actually being used, the term "modern" means simply "I can buy one right now." If there is someone making them, there is logically a demand for them. Therefore, this is the modern clarinet family:

Instrument Large-scale Manufacturers Small-scale Manufacturers
Ab piccolo L.A. Ripamonti
Eb sopranino Buffet, Selmer, LeBlanc/Vito, Yamaha, Barrington, Patricola, Allora, Amati, Vento Stephen Fox
D sopranino Buffet Stephen Fox
C soprano Buffet, Patricola, Amati, Vento Stephen Fox
Bb soprano Buffet, Selmer/Bundy, LeBlanc/Noblet/Vito/Backun, Yamaha, Kohlert, Barrington, Patricola, Allora, Amati, Andino, Artley, Etude, Jupiter, Vento, F.E. Olds Stephen Fox
A soprano Buffet, Selmer, LeBlanc/Backun, Yamaha, Barrington, Patricola, Allora, Amati, Vento Stephen Fox, Kessler
A Basset Horn (to low C) Buffet, L.A. Ripamonti, Vento
G soprano Amati Stephen Fox
G Bassett Horn (option to low C) Stephen Fox
F Bassett Horn (option to low C) Buffet, Selmer, L.A. Ripamonti Stephen Fox
Eb Alto Buffet, Selmer, LeBlanc/Vito, Yamaha, Amati
Bb Bass Clarinet (low Eb, low C) Buffet, Selmer/Bundy, LeBlanc/Vito, Yamaha, Barrington, Jupiter, Allora. Stephen Fox, Kessler
A Bass Clarinet (low Eb, low C) Stephen Fox
Eb Contraalto (low C) Buffet, Selmer/Bundy, LeBlanc/Vito
Bb Contrabass (loc C) Selmer, LeBlanc/Vito Eppelsheim

Rare Clarinets

Excluding the vibrant period of incubation before the 5-key clarinet of Mozart (with many accompanying single-instrument variations), these horns are no-longer produced today, but were in usage in some form.

Eb octocontraalto to low C
Bb octocontrabass to low C

Early Clarinets

The the whole family